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90. Michael Jackson - Dangerous

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On this work, the original album cover art design is at centre. Parts of it are mirrored on the left and on the right. The main idea to give emphasis to the eyes in the finished work is manifest
with the addition of the  eyes on both sides of the album cover art.  The whole work was finished with craquelure.

Artist Mark Ryden went all out on the symbolism for the album cover of Michael Jackson’s 1991 album, Dangerous.
The cover features Jackson peering from  behind a circus-inspired foreground.  On the right sits a dog wearing the
crown and robe of Napoleon on His Imperial Throne, while a bird king sits on the left.

Possible Illuminati symbols include the all-seeing eye above exit of the Old Mill-type ride.  The animals who enter
the ride between two Masonic columns with a pirate skull and bones above emerge dead on the other side while a
young Michael and another kid with a ‘M’ on his t-shirt survive.  The world is depicted upside down from how it is
usually represented.

The elephant has a ‘9’ on its  forehead.

The ringmaster has a ‘7’ on his top hat.

It’s difficult to interpret  all the meanings of all the symbols  used on the cover of Dangerous,  especially since the
artist routinely uses tons of symbolism in his work.

The old  man at  the bottom  had been  identified  as PT Barnum,  Aleister Crowley,  and Adam Weishaupt.  In my
opinion,  he definitely looks like Barnum. Illuminati Symbols

Paris Jackson gets her dad's album cover tattooed on her arm.  She was only 11 years old when her father died in
2009. Vanity Fair

This is the original album cover art design.

No. 20, Billboard, The 300 Best-Selling Albums of All Time; No. 325, The Virgin All-Time Album Top 1000.

Original album cover artwork by Mark Ryden.  Album produced by Michael Jackson, Teddy Riley, Bill Bottell
and Bruce Swedien. Epic, Sony 1991.

Robert Christgau gave Dangerous a grade of A-, saying it was Jackson's "most consistent album since Off the
Wall". Alan Light of Rolling Stone described Jackson as "a man, no longer a man-child, confronting his well-
publicized  demons  and  achieving  transcendence   through  performance."   Stephen  Thomas  of  AllMusic
described  the  album  as  "a much  sharper,  riskier  album  than  Bad."  Dangerous  received  four  Grammy
nominations including  three for Jackson including  Best Pop Vocal Performance  for 'Black or White', as well
as Best R&B Vocal Performance  and Best R&B Song for  'Jam',  while Teddy Riley and Bruce Swedien won the
Grammy for Best Engineered Album - Non Classical. wikipedia

(A) Jam - Why You Wanna Trip on Me - In the Closet

(B) She Drives Me Wild - Remember the Time - Can't Let Her Get Away - Heal the World

(C) Black or White - Who is It - Give in to Me 

(D) Will You Be There - Keep the Faith - Gone Too Soon - Dangerous

"Heal the World" from michaeljacksonVEVO on YouTube.



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